“Can I afford to buy my next Atlanta home while waiting for my current one to sell?”

This question requires careful consideration and the advice of a professional lender. Fortunately, we can connect you with superb Atlanta lenders who can help explain the ins and outs of qualifying for your next home loan while waiting for your current property to sell. Lending laws have tightened significantly in the past few years and, at first glance, this may seem like an inconvenience, but these rules protect you as a consumer from predatory lending practices.

First, we can work together to determine the value and saleability of your current home to help determine if now is the right time for you to sell. To your advantage, the prices for buying real estate are so low right now, you could potentially sell your own house at a small loss to make big gains on your next purchase.

Next, we recommend talking to a lender about your specific situation. A lender can pre-qualify you for your next house and then we can start looking together. Ask us how we can even write an offer that the purchase of your next home is contingent upon the sale of your current one!

You don’t have to wait – you can start the process by obtaining financing information from one of our trusted lenders!


Not sure if you're really committed to selling your home right now? Assess your motivations.