Assessing your motivation to sell is important before putting your home on the market.

Selling your home is an emotional event and people can get cold feet. That’s okay! We will assess your motivation levels and reasons for selling to determine if now is the right time to put your home on the market. If not, we will wait until you’re ready.

Some of the reasons why people decide not to sell would be to wait to make repairs or wait for the market to improve. Others might want to wait until they retire to downsize, or wait until kids move out of the house, or wait until they have kids to move up into a bigger home.

We can talk about all of these reasons and determine if you’re financially prepared to sell your home. Perhaps renting out your home for a time is a better option if you need to be out of your home.

Putting your home on the market right now can be extremely valuable for one main reason:

We don’t know if the buyer for your house just drove by your house yesterday – or will drive by today – but there is a buyer out there. Will your home be on the market when they drive by?

If you’re ready, we can help you prepare for the opportunity! Contact The BeltLine Team today.


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