“What is the significance of having a home located on the Atlanta BeltLine?”

Every week, we get asked the question, “Is the BeltLine really happening?” The answer is a resounding YES! Paths have already been paved in parts of the city, park restoration and creation is well underway, and master planning progresses daily. So, you ask, how does selling a home along the Atlanta BeltLine appeal to buyers? This of this…
  • Traffic is increasing in Atlanta and, as the BeltLine connects 45 intown Atlanta neighborhoods with transit and trails, it will help ease congestion.
  • Gas prices aren’t going to go down, encouraging people to utilize the easily accessible and trolley-like BeltLine train.
  • Density will continue to build in the city, and the BeltLine is going to address and enhance the quality of life in the heart of intown Atlanta.
  • The infrastructure for improved quality of life is already present in existing neighborhoods.
  • More schools are coming!
  • People are moving back into the city – and they’re looking for homes just like yours!
  • The government’s Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is spending money on the BeltLine’s Atlanta neighborhoods in support of developments that embrace transit, jobs, homes.
  • The BeltLine will create affordable housing and jobs that stay within our own neighborhoods – providing economic stability in uncertain times.
All of these items will appeal immensely to the future buyers of your home, especially as buyers look to find deals along the BeltLine.