“Should I get a pre-inspection before I put my Atlanta home up for sale?”

A pre-inspection can help eliminate headaches and costly delays when it comes to selling your Atlanta home. A pre-inspection can also hold huge appeal for interested buyers, because they know that you, as the seller, have invested the time and money to make repairs ahead of time.

If you wait for a buyer to make an offer, for us to negotiate the contract, and the for buyer to have a home inspector come out to the property, you run the risk of the home inspector finding issues that could delay the sale of your home.

Instead, The BeltLine Team highly recommends identifying and resolving any issues beforehand in order to make you more money in less time with you home sale.

Give Derrick a call today at 404.389.4932 or email derrick@thebeltlineteam.com and we can talk further about the benefits of a pre-inspection as well as the names of trusted Atlanta home inspectors.